Top 15 Cheap alternative of Moodle software

The Moodle is a very well-known LMS software that prides itself on its comprehensive set of course features. It also provides both teachers and students with a hub that we can communicate with each other. This is not the best in customizing the GUIs as it can be a bit difficult for the first-time user to navigate. In this, one can also look for an alternative to moodle software before subscribing. Are you looking for a system for running your school, college, or corporate training, or are you looking to educate your employees on your company’s essential rules and standards? Some of the options below can help you expand your options. But first of all, let’s know about Moodle Software.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is a free web-based LMS that can be used to create a teacher private teaching portal. Can fill it with dynamic courses and make it accessible to learners anywhere. The software offers a complete set of collaborative, learning, environment, and learner-centric features that can inspire both instructors and students. The Moodle is financed by a group of authorized partners, full-time developers, and an active global community. The project has been improved with open collaboration and moodles developers implement improvements and update the platform every six months.

Why switch to an alternative of Moodle software?

Online learning has become an essential part of schooling and training as organizations look for new corporate training experiences. Many turn to traditional learning management systems. Moodle software is used to build companies and government virtual learning environments. The moodle is open-source. An interface is found with Moodle in which employees can use platforms and devices. Below are some reasons why we have to switch to Moodle alternatives.

1. Cost-effective

Moodle free doesn’t mean that it is free of cost. This is not a license cost and can surprise the establishment with other charges of Moodle. Meanwhile, some existing LMS platforms are the best moodle option that can provide you with all e-learning solutions at reasonable prices.

2. High flexibility and customization

Flexibility in learning keeps your learner confused. The Moodle is customizable, but you cannot customize your Moodle out of the box. 

3. Ease of integration

The moodle integrates with most software to deliver an effective training experience. In comparison, an alternative to the LMS Platforms Moodle can provide over 100 software integrations such as CRM, CMS, and more. They provide certified education and bring flexibility to the learning environment.

4. Reports and analytics

The Moodle tracks learner reports and analysis, which improves their performance. Meanwhile, the moodle alternative may be a better alternative to monitoring and tracking employee progress. It provides accurate analytical data and reports and can be customized for any data pointers and formats.

5. High engagement

Attaching a learner to online learning can be a difficult task. Gamification provides mechanics such as working options, wedge, level, rewards, etc. You can also reward your employees after completing each level. Can motivate them to stay engaged and increase their performance.

Some cheap alternative to the Moodle Software

1. CSB learning

CSB is a cornerstone of web-based products. This is a SaaS LMS that compliments CSB performance and goals. CSB focuses on social learning and is filled with skill Soft’s eLearning course catalog. Therefore you may not need to prepare a syllabus from scratch. At CSB, the value per month is $ 6 per employee. There is an optional $ 1000 implementation fee in which you get a dedicated implementation manager and training on the software. CSB requires a minimum of 1 year, but you can also get a discount for 3 years or more.

2. Ambilms 

Ambi LMS offers the first solution in schools and educational institutions. One of the best alternative of Moodle software is AmbiLMS which is robust and user-friendly for users and can be used from any platform. AmbiLMS provides an effortless and fun experience for all students. In this, online lecture handling is easily done with online learning management software. AmbiLMS customizes the price according to the needs of its customers. In this low price is determined by looking at the needs of the customers.

3. Canvas

Canvas LMS is a popular online LMS that provides users with customizable design and architecture. This software enables users to give instructions or learn from their desired methods. The system improves communication and collaboration between teachers and learners to enhance the learning process. Students can interact with the learning resources on their equipment and can also present paperwork and get information. The canvas starts its small plan at $ 380 per year and costs $ 760 every year for 500 users in its medium plan.

4. Talent LMS

Talent LMS is a user-friendly LMS and trains students, partners, employees, or customers. The talent LMS system is fully customizable to your needs. Talent LMS comes with support features for selling notifications, extensible, user profile, video conferencing, gamification, and more. E-learning courses can be created quickly using old presentations or videos in Talent LMS and online materials through social integration. This includes the starting price of the annual plan at a rate of $ 59 per month. Talent LMS offers a lot of integration and its ease of use, advanced features, and smooth management.

5. Google classroom

Google has a classroom education tool. In this, teachers can create an online classroom area and manage documents that students need. In this, documents can be stored in Google Drive and edited in Google’s docs, sheets, and other drive applications. Also, Google can differentiate the classroom from regular Google Drive experience and provides efficient feedback. Google Classroom prices start at $ 4 per month per user.

6. Schoology

The Schoology supports an instructional model that includes 100% online courses and blended learning environments. Schoology ensures that all students have their socioeconomic status and special education needs, and without worrying about any other circumstances, reached the equal quality of teaching and learning. If you are at home or in class, the Schoology provides communication tools to connect its students. It supports a shared curriculum to enhance high quality and engaging learning experiences. The Schoology costs $ 1000 to $ 4000 per year as per student at $ 7.5. It requires a 3-year contract for an enterprise plan.

 7. Digital chalk

Digital Chalk is a web-based LMS customized to sell your curriculum to both instructors and external learners. Highlight features include HD streaming video one full course, editing tool, iPad, and other tablet mobile learning. Digital chalk also offers flexible payment options. This includes per-user fees and payments as you make pricing when users register for a course.

8. Docebo

The Docebo consists of two LMS offerings, but the most likely to appeal to small businesses and DoceboSaaS Products. Docebo, a web-based solution for two thousand users, comes again with white-labelling functionality, a library of free courses, and mobile access via a tablet. In this, you can only pay for active users, not for total registered users. With DoceboSaaS and pricing charges $ 230 every month for 50 users, you need to get a custom quote from their enterprise pricing system.

9. Feathercap

There is also a free version for feather cap users that can be used to test the system. Feathercap boasts a beautiful modern UI with mobile access with tablets and smartphones and a pre-built course template for e-commerce and quick content creation.  

Feathercap also charges for active users, like Docebo. The plan starts at $ 19 per month for 2 to 5 users. Feathercap charges up to $ 899 for a thousand users.

10. Inquisiq R4

Inquisiq R4 deployment via ICS is an LMS with many options to host from a web-based SaaS to an ICS server, used for setting up on campus. This makes it ideal for businesses to install something locally or with an internet connection, which controls web-based options. Additionally, it provides access to a partner library of pre-built course materials with blended learning and certification for corporate training. Inquisiq R4 charges $ 199 every month for users. It sets $ 1100 every month for 5000 users.

11. Latitude learning

Latitude Learning LMS also offers a free version. It is a web-based learning software. It includes certification with WebEx and GoToMeeting as well as a collaborative whiteboard. Latitude learning is free for 100 users and starts at $ 1000 every year for 250 users and offers over 3000 users for $ 9000 per year.

12. Litmos

Litmos is a web-based LMS from CalidasCloud used by institutions such as Zumba fitness, meeting requirements with the sales force. There is a huge focus on mobile learning in software. 

Mobile with customized video functionality within the course and allows for course creation, e-commerce, and custom branding. Litmos charges up to $ 3 per user for up to 500 users. This includes the SalesForce tie-in version of Litmos that starts at $ 5 per user every month.

13. Totara

Totara is an open-source LMS based on the distribution of the Moodle. However, a subscription to the web-based product supports automatic upgrades and security patches, which will not provide a DIY open-source implementation. The Totara supports the management of social education, white labelling, and face-to-face training. Totara starts at $ 2950 per year fee for 500 users.

14. Learn upon

Learn upon can be a good option. This is integrated with many webinar tools as well as SalesForce and XAPI. It is also briefed using the leader board and award wedge. Learn Upon charges $ 299 per month for 100 users. It is followed by 2 levels, each with progressively more features. Learn Upon 1000 users ends up at $ 899 every month.

15. Proprofs

Proprofs is a cheap LMS in which you get multi-device, functionality, a wide range of design options, and various integrations. It is strong and no-frills in the right way. This software also offers a free version, but lacks reporting and is public online. But if you are not worrying about security lockdown or training data, this will be an option. The Proprofs payment plan starts at $ 149 per month with a price plan for enhanced features.


It would help if you chose wisely from the cheap alternative of moodle software given above. You can make sure that you thoroughly examine your potential product features and don’t be afraid to ask for details from the seller. Choosing a sound option with the top alternatives of the moodle that offers a better plan allows you to use its essential features at any cost. With some cheap options, you can get the facility to sign up for a free trial for free.