Online Learning – Why Online Classes Are Not Effective

In online learning, you can take education according to your life, wherever you want, and from anywhere. Online learning means when you learn a course online. If you have difficulty attending program classes or you are away from campus, you can take advantage of online learning. In online learning, you can study online by creating your schedule. But it has been seen that students are not motivated in online classes making online classes not effective.


According to a study, 110 million people are enrolled in online courses in 2019. This number is quite impressive, but after that, a study found that 52% of those who enrol in the online study, never see the courseware. 

In this article, we will talk about some of the reasons why online classes are not effective.


Below are some reasons why online classes are not effective


Online student feedback is limited


Teachers can give their students face-to-face feedback in traditional classrooms. Students who face a problem in the course can solve the problem during dedicated office hours. The feedback made has a positive impact on the students. This makes the learning process easier and more meaningful by increasing the motivation level of the students.

But in online learning, students struggle with feedback. Students who complete their assessments regularly become dissatisfied when they do not receive personal feedback. Traditional methods of providing student feedback may not always work in online learning environments. All of this forces online education providers to look for alternative ways to provide feedback. Providing student feedback is still a relatively unreserved area of ​​an online setting. It may take some time for any strategy to prove effective.


Social isolation from online learning makes online classes not effective 


Students currently participating in online learning, have to go through a lack of contemplation and participation. In this way, students and teachers who spend more and more time online can start experiencing social isolation due to a lack of human communication in their life. In this way, social isolation leads to mental health issues and elevated stress, anxiety, and negative thinking.


Lack of flexibility is a reason why online classes are not effective


Online learning can be great for learning and transferring skills. However, it is more challenging to put together an effective online learning program with more complex skills and competencies. The best thing is when the students find the solution on their own. In the traditional classroom, one can get clarification by asking questions, but it can be difficult to achieve in online learning.


Online learning requires self-motivation and time management skills


Lack of self-motivation among students in online learning is one of the primary reasons that it fails to complete during the online course. On the other hand, many ways in traditional classrooms continuously lead students towards their learning goals. Face-to-face communication with your teachers and activities with your classmates all help to prevent students from falling from the learning track. 


Establishing this kind of environment in online learning is difficult. In many cases, students are left to fend for themselves during their learning activities. Students seeking online education are often required to learn difficult materials in a comfortable home setting without the added pressure associated with traditional colleges. In this way, keeping a regular time limit while studying online can be a difficult task for students who lack strong self-motivation and time management skills.


There is no face-to-face communication in online learning that makes online classes less effective


There is a lack of face-to-face communication in online learning due to classes in zoom or google meet. Lack of communication is face to face with the instructor disrupts student response. This causes social isolation and reduces pressure due to students not being face to face. Reduction in pressure is a kind of loss, and it causes students to leave their studies quickly.


There is a lack of input from the trainers makes online classes less effective


Whenever developing a syllabus, it is based on whether those who prepare the syllabus consider this syllabus right? Apart from this, the learning material can also be outdated, and there may be mistakes from the beginning. A skilled instructor and subject matter expert are in right touch with his students. A good instructor sits and interacts with people. Good coaches connect with finding out. What do students need to know, and what do they want to learn? Student feedback is highly valued, but it is not much possible with online learning.


Social isolation in online learning
Social isolation in online learning

Slow growth


After the development of online learning, it may take a long time for any necessary changes to work at this time. Online training can quickly become obsolete if the course changes or disrupted. It can be a waste of time and ene rgy that was invested in getting the course up and running. 


With live teachers, the curriculum can be changed quickly. The live class is fluid and always tailored to the special needs of the business.


Online learning can be challenging to do well


Developing good and effective learning courses requires time, money and great expertise. Good online learning courses include multimedia, custom, web development, technical support, and robust user engagement design. But now there is a lot of improvement. The first online courses were more explicit, and their technical and design problems negatively affected the learning process. Human systems and best practices are well explained in live training. Sound practices are still being developed for online courses, but they are challenging to get right.


Online learning is available for some subjects


We all know that academic subjects have not been respected. Therefore, online learning cannot be used effectively in all fields of study. Online learning is far more suitable for social sciences and humanities but requires a certain degree of practical experience in scientific fields such as medical science and engineering. No number of online instructions can be a replacement of an autopsy for medical learners or actual-life mechanical training for a growing engineer. Also, it can change in the future as we are not at a present point where we can teach all subjects in online learning.




There is a lot of online classes. Online classes are often conducted during the day when students have to participate in other classes or any other work. For some students, there is a teacher’s office at a convenient time. Most interactions with instructors are online or via email, which is often interpersonal. It is almost impossible for students to have a good relationship with their instructors.


There is little interaction between the students. It can be challenging to find a group of studies and a relationship with your peers. Most conversations are made through email discussion series and group chats. Face to face communication is lacking. Good tools are required to join online classes, but not all students have access to them. This may be due to financial reasons. Students are not able to ask during online classes to share their ideas when the information is clear or not because of which there is difficulty in making connections which makes online classes very less or not effective at all. Online classes help students a lot. Thus we need to emphasize the important things which fail to provide a real education.