How To Judge The Quality Of Online Classes

You must know how to understand the quality of Content you are educating while taking an online course. Since the pandemic, online learning is the only option we are left with. We can’t lose the habit of learning just because we are not allowed to attend our classes in person. Currently, the option of online learning is the only solution to continue our studies that are halfway.

But are all online courses good enough? How can you decide which classes or courses to go for? We have curated some parameters for you based on which you can decide –

The quality of online classes

1) Delivery Mode

There can be two ways to deliver your Content and learning, of course, you’ve selected.

a) Self-Paced Mode

b) Live Mode by Tutor

In self-paced mode, you will get all the Content ready at the start of your course, and depending upon your pace, you can complete it eventually.

In Live mode, your instructor will teach you everything lecture by lecture by coming live at the same time.

Both the ways have their pros and cons to decide which should you choose.

If we see this point of view for students, then live learning mode is the best solution.

When you get yourself self-paced mode course learning, you will take more time to complete than it requires, which can be a clean waste of time.

According to your instructor, in live lectures, you have to attend everything from the beginning to the end of the course.

In live learning mode, you get a timetable of every subject that will be covered every week so that you don’t lose track of time or your energy of productivity.

That’s why we will recommend you to go with Live online classes mode to get your learning much better in this lockdown.

2) Course provider Platform

Your course provider is the significant artist here. Choosing through which provider you are going to learn your classes is crucial to decide.

Consider these points that can stand your course provider straight before anyone.

The domain of Expertise:

Is this the only expert and well-known platform which can be trusted to do online courses of your domain?

Also, get some real-time public reviews who have joined the same course provider’s any course or the exact domain you want to get in for.

Research about the course provider competitions even. Who is providing and at what fees specifically! Affordability of course, can be a crucial parameter while deciding to buy that course.

3) Content of Course Material

While choosing the provider for your course, also decide which type of Content you like to learn or how the course is created. This is one of the major factor to decide the quality of online classes. No doubt we all want to through video-based Content. But still, three types of Content mainly flows for online classes:

a) Video-Based Content

b) Audio Based Content

c) PDF i.e. only Reading-based Content

Though we all have developed this habit of learning everything on the internet through video content, only some who prefer learning through audio and text-based formats also exits. For example, blind students can take advantage of the audio-based learning method.

Likewise, video content is available for people who cannot hear or are deaf with specialized movements of hands in the video, which acts as a language for a deaf student to understand.

4) Source of Technology

Follow out and know based on which technological platforms they are creating their course material. The online course you are enrolling in should have user friendly and simple understanding interface (UI). In addition, they should also have mobile-based applications so that your learning never stops whenever and wherever you want.

Majorly there are three ingredients of technology for learning that are running and working perfectly faultless:

a) LMS i.e. Learning Management System:

According to Wikipedia,

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, tracking, reporting, automation, documentation, and delivery of training programs, educational courses, or learning and development programs.

LMS should always stay up to date and preferably app-based to support mobile devices. It should be well customized according to the need of the consumer.

Also, check out AmbiLMS Platform for best-in-class services.

b) Assessment Platform:

Assessment Platform is the most crucial part of online learning. This allows to attend mock tests, attend online quizzes, gives in-depth performance report of the individual to the individual student. It can be accessed through a personal login id and password.

c) Cloud Meeting Platform:

Online platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Webex are the strongest example of Cloud Meeting platforms. Currently, Cloud meeting is nothing but having a conversation like a physical class through the comfort of your home with a video call

5) Your Trainer:

Your trainer/instructor’s profile is the most important thing you need to look at when enrolling in an online course. This is the most important factor to judge the quality of online classes.

A trainer can be judged or evaluated based on these two fronts:

a) Teaching Capability:

It is sad to know, but it’s the only truth that the passion does not drive most teachers to teach but just like a task to complete before their day ends. That is the primary reason why students hate the idea of studying because they have never been taught the intention behind studying, the beauty of learning, but just a task to complete in an individual life for their survival.

Teachers should constantly think of generating more and more ideas to relieve the studying pattern that students find boring.

Teaching capability can also be judged through how many students he has trained and how many lectures he completed while being in this teaching journey.

The second thing is their Expertise in the subject they are teaching. Like we said above, teachers are having no interest in the issues they are teaching. Few trainers are passionately working towards teaching with more and more reasons to love teaching at the core. You can spot this by knowing your trainers rating from that online platform.


With all these points, where you will check the capability of teachers, their experience in teaching, what technology is been used for the course creation and the mode of teaching, one can judge THE QUALITY OF ONLINE CLASSES and then only can enroll for studies.