How to Encourage Learners to Study Using the LMS Platform

The main objective of the Learning Management System, LMS For Schools And Institutes is to provide a virtual hub to the students so that they can access the required resources. But sometimes users have no trust in technology, or they think that LMS is linear, highly structured, and awkward. It is a hindrance to enhance the student’s knowledge and productivity because it does not adapt to the rapid change according to the need of an individual or of a modern learning system or model. LMS platform is beneficial for learners as it creates, manages, and carries out educational programs or material. 

Following points need to be implemented to encourage learners to use Learning Management System,LMS For Schools And Institutes platform – 

1. Introducing a variety of learning methods

Every individual has its cognitive style to learn things. Learning Management System provides them with several opportunities to learn. Some students can learn better by visualizing than listen to audio, and some are the opposite of them. Learners can have complete knowledge about the course materials, including audio, visual, and textual format so that they can get equal opportunities for learning.

a. Audio Learning

It is based on listening to skill. Learners listen to lectures, addresses, discussions, reports, etc. on different topics. Audio class sessions can be organized for auditory learners with dialogues, recordings, speeches, etc. in an educational setting.

b. Visual Learning

It is to understand the topic by seeing it carefully. Learners use images, videos, pictures, charts, diagrams and several other ways to understand the topics.    

c. Logical Learning

The whole pattern is based on the high-level concept of learning. It includes graphs, spreadsheets, multi-step walk thought, mathematical calculations, etc. Quick and tricky questions are involved in the subject. 

d. Kinesthetic Learning

Based on body language, learners learn things and process information physically through body movement, expression, senses, etc.  

e. Blended Learning

Blended Learning is a way of combining two or more methods of learning and make content. This is the best way to encourage students to learn and understand because this uses many ways to make students understand the concept.

2. Feedback system on LMS for Schools and Institutes

Feedback plays an important role in online learning. It can be good or bad. Good feedback encourages learners. In educational institutes, LMS provides the facility to teachers to give feedback from time to time by gamification. It motivates learners to better perform by getting rewards or points. Vice versa, delay in feedback, or no feedback discourage learners and deviate them. LMS is fitted with such technology. It has programs to generate feedback at the proper time. 

3. Planning of quality content

Numerous activities have to be performed to provide eLearning education through any platform. Good planning and opportunities are the keys to effective learning and create students’ interest. To satisfy the students learning needs and run the educational process smoothly, planning of the quality content is vital for both technical and academic terms. If a lesson plan is well prepared, then the tutor takes less time in delivering the chapter. To motivate students, lectures must be arranged emotionally, and discussions should be involved. Bringing new technology and tools promotes learning and increase productivity.    

4. Problem-solving approach

Educators always try to solve the problems of learners and satisfy them. LMS provides different materials like textual information of the chapters, videos with examples and explanation, Powerpoint presentations, and discussion board to discuss the problems of the employees.

5. Introducing Gamification

LMS does not make learning just informative. It must have some fun. It must have some breaks instead of continuous learning from morning to the check out of the day. LMS for schools and institutes must involves games and activities so that learners can interact with each other. In its process, strategies are made to achieve the pre-decided goal. When learners achieve goals or something unexpected, a celebration takes place. It must be highlighted and rewarded. It emphasizes learners to perform better. One goal is achieved, don’t stop. Keep on working and spread the knowledge of how the strategies are helping the learners and how it is essential to keep using it. 

6. Applying Different learning approaches

Some students want online learning, others require physical involvement while learning any new topic. LMS needs to create a balance between learning styles. According to the individual’s needs, provides classes, whether interactive or solitary.    

a. Interactive classes

It is based on the understanding, feelings, and motivations of others. It involves role-play, group-activities, group-discussion, etc.

b. Intrapersonal class learning

Learners work alone at their own pace. It’s outcome depend on introspection. LMS provides them with material to work independently. It is also known as a solitary training or learning method. It is for self-motivated students.

7. Build eye-catchy content

Encourage learners to use LMS
Building Eye-Catchy Content for Learners

Once you introduce the different learning methods and approaches, now is the time to design and develop an eye-catchy content. Nobody wants to spend time in front of a screen with a boring lecture or a video only with text. It is more challenging when the learners are students. In this scenario, eye-catchy content plays an important role. Videos with animation, documents with colourful and self-explanatory images are beneficial to engage the students during an e-learning session.

8. Rewards and certificates of completion

The best way to motivate any e-learner is to give rewards for the activities. With this way, it is easier to encourage the students to learn, and with learning, they will also get many certificates and rewards.

9. Encourage using the discussion tool

Nobody can learn in isolation. When there were classes in physical, at that time, students used to discuss a lot of topics between their classmates. We need to motivate them to discuss things through the discussion tool so that they can brain-storm the topics and learning can be induced in a better way.

10. Manage resistance to change

The introduction of new technology creates a threat to educators. Fear of the unknown, unclear benefits and value, lack of information, unclear need for change, lack of skills to use it, are threats for both the learners and educators. For better results, training of new technology must be delivered at the prior stage of the introduction.



A new technology is entirely pointless until people adopt it. Most school, colleges and learning institutes take new technology as a short term project. Focus on LMS for schools and institutes have only outcomes and goals which they had to achieve. If not, they turn towards the other plans. Learning platforms must be updated and must have some changes according to the requirement of the learners, as we know that learning is a journey with many turns and twists in the road, and we need to be ready to roll with the punches.