Best LMS Companies in India

Today’s the age of competition. In this competitive age, every company wants to provide its services best to achieve its goal. For this, they upgrade the skills of the employees and offer the best opportunities to enhance their experience. There are several LMS companies in India, which are offering excellent services to their client.

Here, we will have a look at the Top 10 LMS companies in India, that are offering fantastic training, content and IT solutions.


NIIT is one of the best organization of e-learning. It offers operational efficiency and raises the benefits of the company at lower costs with quick performance. To provide the best facilities like—slides, study material, discussion forums to the client NIIT is the best Learning management system. It is cloud-based LMS that provides all facilities to the client to achieve their goals. It is helpful to create, track and manage online courses.

2. G-Cube

G-cube offers the best corporate learning management system for companies worldwide. It proposes learning consulting, mobile solutions, blended learning, custom content. It provides the latest technologies exposure with flexibility. G-Cube makes it possible to manage Automate Management Information, Online payment, Track different departments and activities. in organizations. G-Cube provides a platform which is endorsed easily by all organizations and institutes for the objective of communication, learning, cooperation and collaboration among the students, teachers and parents. It helps teachers to provide useful teaching tools and to the students to receive the best resources for learning to make learning successful in a most comfortable way.

3. AmbiLMS 

Ambilms provides user-friendly learning management system (LMS in India). It offers services equipped with modern technologies. Gamification and live class facilities enhance learner’s potential. Notes attachment, uploading- documents, videos, file facilities can be done efficiently. Its mobile app is user friendly and designed to balance the coordination of management, principal, teacher and parents and encourage the students for personalized learning.

4. Ipix

To develop websites, commercial sites, mobile applications, software for e-learning, ipix has a good experience and latest technology based programmers like Python, Zend, Magento etc. It provides a bespoke, affordable and flexible solution to the client. It provides website development services that are easily affordable and helps the clients to develop an active online presence and grow their business. It identifies the clients’ requirement and accordingly fulfils it.

5. Entab

Entab is a learning management software that provides the technique to manage the academic and administrative works effectively and efficiently. It offers a single platform for the stakeholders like management, principal, teacher and parent to connect and process day-to-day administrative activities of the school. Campus Care, Campus Soft, Campus Soft-Lite and Campus Kidz are four versions of its school ERP. Entab enables Online registration, School Fee Management, Student Information System, Exam and Result Management, Staff Management, Pay Management, Attendance Management, GPS and Transport Management etc.

6. Alphalearn

Alphalearn designs both types of courses- single and multi-subject courses. It has different course management strategy. In the course library, there are separate departments for specific classes. Learners are asked to rate the course after its completion—flexibility to access the course material in any order or sequence.

PDF, Slide images, Files, Documents, Excel Sheet, Assignment, Surveys etc. are its main contents. Conversion of any uploaded video into other format and encode its proper size to view on any device is easily possible by alphalearn LMS. Its cloud-based LMS that is easily affordable.

7. EI Design

EI Design provides learning and Performance solutions that transform learning. PSTs is its great mantra to extend its training. When something goes wrong, and learners require instant help, they can approach with this ‘Just-in-time’ learning that has Performance Support Tools inside it. Multiple formats are supported by their easy creation tools and interface. Through a survey, information can be easily collected from the learners to record their feedback. Training courses are created and managed by them. Trainers can track it at any time and monitor its progress report.

8. LMS of India

Education is the most valuable ornament of society. For that trainer, teachers, educators, facilitators have responsibilities and power. They are free to create independent networks with the learners to develop a perfect learning environment. LMS plays a vital role in it. LMS provides a web-based platform to the learners to access information from anywhere and anytime. It offers free of cost facilities to the Government departments with the latest e-content modules. It has modern features, easy to learn, customer-based system that suits to organizations, training companies and educational institutes. It promotes the uses of mobile and video technology to manage its e-learning efficient. Gamification is most prevalent in India. LMS engages and does the motivation to the learners. It rewards performers and improves communications across the organization. LMS manages to deal with different departments at the same time using the same database. It can be personal.

9. Tab School

Tab School, enables books of engineering, medical, management, humanities, language learning, economics, and law. Its library has a collection of e-books and videos on all subjects. Multiple functions for professional courses as preparation of competitive examinations, everything is at your disposable in Tab school. Its cloud-based LMS that helps to create notes and saves for the future. Tab School can be accessed when we need it. Flexible in solving queries. Learners post questions after connecting with friends, teachers, classmates and experts and get solutions to their problems. Enables interactive and well-arranged classroom teaching that engage learners with content. Performance analysis and assessment feature are valuable for the organization. Tabschool makes education available to all learners free of cost at all time. It provides smart education software for all educational institutions and learning organizations. It has all educational facilities to learn from and subject experts’ courses which ameliorate students skills to learn. LMS gives access to the content, its creation, achievement analysis, medium of communication and evaluation mechanism in the same place.

10. Abara

Abara LMS is mobile-first Learning Management System for Corporate, Training and eLearning companies. Its dynamic platform is designed to make easy the workload of administration. It allows administrators to focus on minimizing LMS management, provides specific and general both training development programs to the employees and increases the efficiency of the organization. Abara is featured with multi-tenancy to provide training like employees, partners, vendors, resellers. Abara tracks employees complaining training and organizes recertification for it. New abara is full of perfect balance between features and functions that ensure the efficiency of administers and engagement of learners. It breaks traditional training boundaries and enables the organizations to train the learners with quality work. Its portal is designed with modern techniques of learning to fulfil learners need.