9 Tips To Stay Focused During Online Classes

Online education can be very convenient and effective. Classes are conducted in online education for the students based on their convenient schedule. The biggest challenge in online classes is to be disciplined in learning schedule. How to stay focused during online classes? When you attend your traditional classroom, you get stuck for a schedule so you can pay attention and learn something. But in online classes, which can be taken at convenience, you may be tempted to get distracted during the class.

Here is a list of important points that can help you with How to keep your focus while attending online classes.

1. Maintaining the routine

Waking up 2 minutes before the class time and attending from the comfort of your bed is very attractive. But as soon as your teacher starts teaching, then you lose your focus. Whether you are attending your traditional class or in your online class, you should maintain your normal routine. Get up in the morning, take a bath, and have a healthy breakfast. Include all these in your daily routine. If you are used to drinking tea or coffee before going to class, then you should make sure to get up early and give yourself a sip to attend. Maintaining the routine will elevate your energy level and will also help in staying focused throughout the day.

2. Formation of the virtual study group

Online classes can be an adjustment if you are used to studying in groups. Indeed you have your classmates, but they are not sitting next to you in the class. If you want to go to the library to study, then you cannot ask any classmates there. But you can take advantage of studying in online classes with others. You need to be a little more creative about this.

If there is some online discussion forum available in your class, you can post and ask if you want to study together in a video conference. If you get classmates with this, then you should try to meet them at the same time every week. In this way, you will get the benefits of learning to study in a group.

3. Creating the Perfect Workspace

Attending an online class on the bed or with TV is not appropriate. It would help if you had a quiet place in your house to study where you can attend your online class in peace. For this, you can set your class area away from your bedroom where you can stay motivated and attentive. Otherwise, you will always be tempted to take your laptop and lay on the bed.

4. Using the resources given by your teacher

Along with online classes, reading a textbook is also necessary for academic success. To master the content, you need to take advantage of all the resources available to you. If your teacher provides resources to practice and understand the material, then you should use them. If your teacher is providing virtual office hours, be sure to attend. You can ask any questions or doubts about the homework, lecture, and upcoming exams.

5. Updating your technologies

If you keep disconnecting in your online classes or not able to see or listen properly, then it can cause hindrance in your study. For this, internet connection should be good. You must also be familiar with the online platforms that your teacher has used for classes, quiz discussion or work assignments.

6. Using a timer

There is a significant amount of research done that suggests that timely work and break periods increase productivity. It is natural for the human brain to suffer fatigue after an extended time of application, and this is when we all start being subconsciously distracted. Use the productivity of your mind to set yourself a timer of one hour and complete yourself. This will enable you to work diligently throughout your time. You can take a break of 20 or 30 minutes when the time you have set is complete. When this break time is over, set a time again and start your study.

7. Block social media

Social media is the biggest distractions. Endless Memes, location, status updates and social media producers promise hours of entertainment. There are many applications and browser extensions that help you limit your social media interaction time. Use social media as a reward in your daily schedule. For example – If you have studied for one hour, you can use social media for 15 minutes.

8. Creating Learning Strategies

Creating a learning strategy can help you when you attend online classes. Attending online classes will help you maintain a sense of normalcy and encourage you to talk and participate. You need to consider how you accept and how to interact with information? However, you must take notes while participating. Do not depend on the notes of others to reflect your learning style.

9. Conclude how you can know best 

Once you learn, you can think about when and how to complete your best work after it is established. Everyone does not have the same learning curve so think about what kind of information helps in understanding new concepts and implement relevant study strategies. Be sure to have time in your schedule to play and replay all audio and video-based course materials.


Being aware of all aspects, learning routines can help you perform your best with online learning. Attending online classes is quite comfortable as it saves time. It can be difficult for many students to maintain focus, but you can go through the methods mentioned above. You can get maximum benefit by focusing your attention on online classes. So, above are some ways that can help you get your success on the track.