An e-learning software that enables you to manage all online learning

Student Interface

With the flexibility of the e-learning platform, students get the extensibility to do all learning as a whole using mobile or web application.

  • Attend online class
  • Do daily assignments and activities
  • Mark attendence
  • Give online exams
  • Discuss with other students

Teacher Interface

This LMS feature lets teachers keep track of all the activities of the students and monitor student regularly.

  • keep a track of the attendance
  • Upload study materials like notes, videos, etc.
  • Create different exercises like multiple choice, fill in the blanks.
  • Screen share presentations during online class
  • Chat with parents regarding student performance

Admin Interface

School management gets all the control under this feature where they can monitor students and teachers and get all the updates

  • Edit and modify all accounts
  • Manage teacher's attendance
  • Manage fees
  • Teachers and students performance
  • Retrieve test results

Video-Based Learning

With AmbiLMS Live virtual classroom features it is super easy for students to access the online live classes and teachers to organize it from any part of the country. This feature breaks the barrier of distance, location, time.

  • Integration with Zoom, Google Meet, Sysco
  • Live class and video recording
  • File sharing and chat


AmbiLMS uses Gamification to motivate students, improve learning, build stronger teams, and increase engagement.

  • Incorporating gaming elements like Leaderboards
  • Allocating Rewards and Badges


Online reports would be generated on the progress and completion rates of the students, their course status, as well as their score. Teachers would also be able to view their attempts and answers to the students.

  • Exam Report - Class, Subject, Student wise
  • Attendance Report - Teacher, Student, Class wise
  • Work Assignment Report - Class, Subject, Student wise
  • Live Class Report
  • Poll, Survey Report

Data Security

Our Company is well known for its high internal security which conducts background checks on each employee before hiring and makes them sign confidentiality agreements. No customer data is downloaded on our premises and we work against any cyber insecurity.

  • AmbiLMS has excellent service performance and uptime
  • Can operate with high traffic
  • Firewall security

Technical Support

AmbiLMS staff is always available to hear from you and help you face any challenges. Our Customer support wing provides immediate assistance in any problem you face.

  • Online training
  • 24X7 support
  • 100 percent user satisfaction

Branding and Customization

With White-labeling and customization, AmbiLMS will completely your product running on our server. Without any hassle, this Saas Based Online Learning Platform will be easy to maintain and handle.

  • Personalised application with your logo and branding
  • Admin panel for easy defining and allocation of role
  • Easy management of profiles of hundreds and thousands of students

The most user-friendly e-learning application for Schools, Training Institutes and Colleges

AmbiLMS online Learning Management System gives the freedom to students, teachers and school to manage the classes online with ease and time-saving way. The technology used in the learning software makes it user-friendly, which gives the users a learning edge.

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Registration Process Flow


Know your school requirement, demo of web/mobile app of online LMS & it's functionality


Discussing the customised LMS requirements, costing and Final approvals


Completion of registration process and implementation of the LMS on your institution


Free training to all staff for complete software and backend support