AmbiLMS provide saas based lms for schools

About Us

AmbiLMS is a product of AmbiguousIT, which helps the schools and teaching institutes to increase the efficiency and deliver the best learning solutions online which is strong and user-friendly that can be used in any platform.

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What We Do

At AmbiLMS, we assure you better performing students and an easy and fun learning experience for everyone. With our school management ERP, administrative and managerial activities can be simplified to a great extent. Uploading lecture notes, files, photos, videos, and other documents, and the conduction of online lectures by teachers can be done with ease with AmbiLMS Online Learning Management Software.

Student Administration

Our Online LMS helps you organize and manage all the student information and fees procedures.

Customized Content

You can create & maintain content online and easily attach notes, videos, links, files, & other documents.

Vision, Mission & Goal

Every moment, we help schools, teachers and students to achieve their learning goals through mobile and web application.


Our Vision is to create an environment where there are no pauses on learning using online classes where Students are freely able to pursue their education.


Our Mission is to create the availability of easy and organized online education for schools and students. With AmbiLMS simple course creation tools supporting multiple formats students have a hassle-free learning experience.


Our Goal is to make quality online education available to everyone. With our technologies, Interactive and fun learning online platform, eduction will no more be a myth.

Interactive online education software platform for schools

Why Choose Us

AmbiLMS is a web-based Online Learning Management System which makes usual boring and complex lectures turn into more interactive, productive, and engaging. With advanced technology-based learning interface, it is an easy and efficient way for delivery of online classes, which can be quickly implemented with great expertise. The technology used by AmbiLMS is compatible with all platforms that help trainers to track take online classes, manage attendance, taking online exams and preparing reports and details of the trainees who are involved in the learning procedure.


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Helpie FAQ

  • Do the software have live chat and discussion available?

    Yes, there are features like live chat, discussion boards and notices with the help of these, the communication becomes super easy and you will not have to use any other platform for the same.

  • How does the live/online class feature work?

    Live class feature works through Zoom, Google Meet and Sysco system.

    It completely depends on you which platform you choose for your school. We will link the LMS software with that particular platform.

  • Do we need Online LMS?

    Yes, Any school, training institute or a college that is into education, needs the LMS for the advancement of studies.

    LMS is a very unique and a quick way to get the learners engaged, share study materials, and get the work assignments done, can get connect with each other at any part of the world and so on.

  • How to get started with AmbiLMS online software?

    We are just a call away. You can call us, WhatsApp, email or even fill in the contact form on the website. We will revert you within a couple of hours time.

    After the discussion regarding your requirement, and finalization, we can implement the software within a weeks time with all the customization required by you.

  • Do you provide demo of your Learning Management System software?

    Yes, We will provide the complete demo of our mobile application, web application to you and demonstrate all the features to you in detail so that you can understand the features and benefits of AmbiLMS e-learning software.

  • How can I request for a demo for the software?

    We are just a call away. You can call us, WhatsApp, email or even fill in the contact form on the website. We will revert you within couple of hours time.

  • Do you provide customization on LMS?

    Yes, we do all types of customization that you require on the software and white labelling so that it looks like your exclusive product.